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High Quality Self Defense Knives

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Previously we have talked about stun guns and pepper sprays. But what about High Quality Self Defense Knives as a personal weapon. Because knives can certainly be dangerous, we must carefully consider whether to carry one as a weapon. As a result, they are not to be taken lightly or handled carelessly. But they can be an effective deterrent. A weapon to be displayed boldly. Hopefully to scare away a potential attacker. But without having to be deployed.

Many Low-Cost Knives Are Available

Knives come in many shapes, sizes, and designs. With different features, functions, and categories. For example, there are various automatic knives, butterfly knives, folding knives, throwing knives, and several “disguised” knives. In all, 47 different knives are displayed and sold on our website. Most of the knives, or knife sets, that we carry are currently on sale for less than $20. Many are on sale for under $15. And some are even under $10!

Spring-Loaded Automatic Knives

Automatic knives are spring loaded knives that can be opened and deployed with the press of a button. They range from classic “switchblades”, with the blade folding back into the handle, to Out-The-Front (OTF) knives, with the blade deploying “out the front”. Automatic knives are very common for military and police applications due to their ease of deployment with one hand. You can be “ready for action” with one of these!

Two-Handled Butterfly Knives

The butterfly knife is a unique knife with TWO handles which can rotate in a way which enables them to hide the blade of the knife. Making it the perfect concealed carry knife. The butterfly knife looks like a butterfly when being used. It is a unique knife with two handles and one blade. Those two handles are movable and can be folded together to conceal the blade. A very unique knife indeed!

Throwing Knives For Sport

A throwing knife is a durable knife that is specially designed and weighted so that it can be thrown effectively. They are a distinct category from ordinary knives. Throwing knives normally have ergonomic gripped handles, come in different shapes and forms, and are typically used for sport. More so than as a weapon. They offer the novelty and thrill of an exciting game of skill.

Folding Knives And Disguised Knives

Other knives we carry include traditional folding knives and several “disguised” knives. Folding knives include assisted open-and-close blades and manual open-and-close blades and come in a wide selection of styles and colors. Disguised knives can certainly offer a unique option and include an 11-tool survival “business card”, a 10-tool survival “pocket card”, pen knives, a plastic comb knife, and a metal comb knife.

Laws And Regulations Affecting Knives

You should be aware of the various laws and restrictions on the possession and use of knives. You can easily find these by scrolling to the bottom of any page on this website. Then under INFORMATION simply click on Laws & Restrictions.

Add Knives to Your Self-Defense Collection

I believe you will find knives to be as interesting and worth adding to your collection as I do. Knives are suitable for everyday use as well as for self-defense. Browse ALL of the categories of knives available on our website. A carefully selected knife, along with a powerful stun gun and blinding pepper spray, can be the start of a well-rounded self-defense arsenal. Until later…..