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Personal Alarms For Personal Security

Personal Alarms To Protect You in Any Situation

We all must take personal safety very seriously in today’s world. However, we are not all prepared for the unforeseeable. In the modern world, you must take all precautions to keep yourself safe. Personal alarms will ensure you’re always prepared for any emergency. This article provides information on the types of personal alarms that are available, and how to choose the best one.

Why Personal Alarms Are So Important

Personal alarms provide immediate alerts to others when you are in trouble. These alarms are portable and small, so they’re easy to keep with you. Personal alarms for personal security come in handy when you can’t call for help. For example, if you feel threatened or are attacked. Alarms can deter attackers by attracting attention.

Personal alarms are available in a variety of types.

Keychain Alarms – Keychain alarms can be small and discrete, looking like a keychain. The alarms can be easily carried and activated with a simple button press. They are also among the most affordable options.

Wristband Alarms – Wristbands can be worn around the wrist to provide hands-free protection. These are great for joggers or hikers as well as other outdoor enthusiasts at risk of dangerous situations.

Pendant Alarms – Pendants alarms are worn around your neck by many seniors and people with disabilities. They are an easy way to get help, even when the person is unable reach a telephone.

Personal Alarm Apps – Available on smartphones for free download. The apps track your location using the GPS on your phone and emit an audible alert to alert those nearby in an emergency.

How to choose the right personal alarm:

Consider these factors when selecting a personal alert:

Loudness – The alarm’s sound should be loud and clear enough to deter potential attackers. Choose an alarm with at least 120 decibels of noise.

Size and Portability – Choose an alarm which is compact and convenient to carry. Personal alarms are discreet and shouldn’t attract unwanted attention.

Activation – You should have an easy-to-use activation system that allows you to quickly activate the alarm in an emergency.

Battery Life – Make sure that the alarm you choose has a battery life of at least a year. This will ensure it is always ready to go when needed.

Cost – Personal alarms come in a wide range of prices. Choose an alarm that fits your budget, but don’t forget your safety.

Personal Alarms You Can Buy

3-in-1 130db Personal Alarm

The new 3-IN-1 130db PERSONAL ALARM is versatile, low-cost protection. Including a flashlight, personal alarm, laptop computer alarm, and window or door alarm. And has 2 attachments including a standard smart hook that can be used on your belt loop or purse. And a window or door alarm attachment that can be used as a window, door, or laptop alarm. When you activate the alarm a strobe light will attract the attention of others. The unit also has a flashlight button and runs on a 9 volt battery.

Mini Personal Alarm With LED Flashlight

The Mini Personal Alarm with LED flashlight and belt clip easily attaches to a keychain. It has a very sleek and compact design and emits an ear-piercing 120dB alert. Making your aggressor flee for the confines of a sound proof room. Easily activate and deactivate this alarm with the click of a perfectly located button. Carry it in your pocket or purse, clip it onto your belt, or attach it to a key chain. The built in LED flashlight sheds a bright light on any situation. Includes 3 replaceable LR44 batteries.

Fashion Lipstick Alarm For Women

The stylish and fashionable lipstick alarm is suitable for women, joggers and students. It looks just like a colorful tube of lipstick. But push or pull up the cap to activate the 90db alarm. To turn off the alarm, simply push the cap back down. Making it very quick and easy to operate. Available in two different colors (Pink and Black). Includes three 1.5V LR44/AG13 button cell batteries.


Personal alarms provide an immediate alert in emergency situations to those who are around you. carefully consider your personal needs before choosing the best alarm. No matter what type of alarm you choose, whether it’s a keychain, wristband, pendant, or app-based personal alarm, the main thing is that you are prepared and feel safe. Do not wait until it is too late to invest in a Personal Alarm. Protect yourself in any situation. Click here to view our collection of personal alarms.