Ajax Cleanser Diversion Safe


Interior dimensions of safe 1¾” x 5 ⅛”



The Ajax Cleanser Diversion Safe is the perfect way to keep your valuable items hidden from curious eyes. This clever powder cleaner canister looks just like any ordinary cleaning supplies. Blending in perfectly with all of your other products. It’s great for hiding small items such as jewelry, cash, and other valuables in places like under your sink or in a cupboard.

With its interior dimension of 1¾” x 5 ⅛”, it has plenty of space for your valuables. If you want to be sure your precious belongings stay safe and secure, then the Ajax Cleanser Diversion Safe is an ideal choice. Smuggle in with other cleaning supplies. Fits in possessions like spare change and jewelry. Hide in plain site like under the sink or in the cleaning closet.


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Weight 1 lbs