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Coat Hanger Diversion Safe


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Introducing the Coat Hanger Diversion Safe. A discreet and innovative storage solution that’s perfect for keeping your most prized possessions safe and secure. With its clever design, this safe is perfectly placed in your closet, giving you a hidden space without compromising the seamless look of your wardrobe. Whether you’re storing cash, jewelry or important documents, the Hanger Diversion Safe lets you rest at ease knowing your most valuable items are protected.

The best place to hide things often is in plain sight. The average burglar won’t have the time to check non-obvious objects. And Diversion Safes blend right in under any hanging garment. Although something with a high collar is recommended. Zippered closure and interior pocket allows for safe storage. Great hiding spot for cash, jewelry, precious metals, bitcoin wallet, passports, etc. Stealthy and sleek! Use it at home or on-the-go when travelling! Measures 17″W x 12.5″H

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