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Peace KEYper Self Defense Keychain


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The Peace KEYper Self Defense Keychain is the affordable self defense tool. It turns your everyday house key into non-lethal life-saving self defense tool. With an easy setup by simply opening the small hatch, sliding the key in and snapping the hatch shut! Designed with a two-sided ergonomic case to give you a firm and solid two-finger grip. In the event you are attacked by a thug seeing you as an easy target. Additionally, there’s a quick release spring. Just one simple twist gives you an effective alternative grip position that is equally as powerful and effective. Use the Peace KEYper self defense tool instead of just your own house key for a better, safer and longer-reaching grip.

The Peace KEYper Self-Defense Keychain Protects You In Many Ways

The Peace KEYper Self Defense Keychain protects you in more ways than one. Enjoy peace of mind and stay protected at all times! This conveniently small device is approximately the size of a car clicker. And can be discreetly worn on a key ring, lanyard, pants pocket or belt loop. Or placed inside a handbag or even carried in the palm of your hand. And it is ready to protect you from unwanted advances. Any thug would be none the wiser on what’s in store for them. The Peace KEYper’s design is so simple and inconspicuous. So that it can be carried into places where self defense tools are normally restricted. Such as government buildings, banks, and airports.

No one should be left unprepared if the unthinkable ever happens. Peace KEYpers are made out of high-impact polymer and steel for a sturdy design and are also 100% waterproof! This is the ideal product for college students, runners, commuters, teachers, travelers, and more. Compatible with Kwikset KW1 and Schlage SC1 keys (the most common household keys). We’re so confident of this product that we offer a Lifetime Warranty and will replace it free of charge if it is ever damaged or found defective. The Peace KEYper weighs 2.7 ounces and measures 2.4” x 2.1” x 0.4”.

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