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WildFire Lipstick Pepper Sprays

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WildFire Lipstick Pepper Sprays with 1.4% Major Capsaicinoids (MC) are hot, hot, hot. MC is the true heat measure in pepper sprays and WildFire is the hottest on the market. In addition to causing an attacker pain, WildFire makes breathing difficult and causes the eyes to close. These effects can last up to 45 minutes but cause no permanent damage. It has a UV identifying dye to aid in the identification of an attacker. The attractive lipstick case is very deceiving. Pretend you need to freshen your lipstick. Then pull off the cap, aim and fire at a would-be attacker! This 1/2 oz canister can fire 6-10 one-second sprays at a range of 6-8 feet. Available in Black, Pink, and Red.